A #ResistJam project

In this rouguelike boardgame concept, play as a migrant blob escaping violence and discrimination in Otherland. Upon arriving in Freeland, you find "the Resident" is making life miserable for everyone! Do good deeds, join marches and sign petitions - stay alive by eating mushrooms. Stand up to bully blobs and get the Resident Rump impeached!

Warning: This game is still in development.


The 4th Kingdom is essentially a Roguelike. Simply left-click on the board square you wish to move to.

To Win the game, impeach the Resident by gaining a score of 90 or over.

If you run out of health, or if your score drops to 0, you'll lose the game.

To look around at any time, left-click away from the board and drag the mouse.

Left-click on mushrooms to add them to your inventory; if your health drops below 50% you'll automatically eat from what you've collected.

Left-click on props, such as signs or portals, to investigate more closely. Left-click again to activate portals or to remove vandalism from signs. Right-click to return back to the board.

Landing on an Event Square will draw and display a card from the Event Deck - the effect of which may, for better or worse, alter your score or health values.

Landing on a square with another blob will (soon) draw and display a card from the Encounter Deck, which has similar properties to cards from the Event Deck.


  • Mushroom shaders are broken under WebGL
  • Mushrooms can be collected from any distance
  • Encounter handling
  • No exits back to board from buildings
  • Placeholder text & programmer art

Still Missing

  • Character selection
  • Narrative characters: the Goons, the Henchmen and the Resident
  • Narrative & cutscene integration
  • Additional transportation means between caves (ferries)
  • Board hazards (pools of water)
  • Sign text
  • Detail elements (debris, vegetation)

Special thanks to @boardtobits for the Point & Click tutorial on which The 4th Kingdom is based.

Unit Assets

StatusIn development
Release date Mar 13, 2017
Made withUnity
TagsBoard Game, Roguelike
Average sessionA few minutes